Sirius likes to ask Remus to marry him. The first time he does it they’re working on an essay for potions and Sirius is stuck on the difference between wormswood and wormswort so Remus helps him with it, and when he finally understands he turns to Remus with a bright grin and says, “you’re the best, marry me,” and Remus blushes and looks away, and Sirius thinks it’s just the loveliest thing he’s ever seen so he keeps it up. Eventually they start dating, and Remus thinks he’ll stop, but it just makes him do it more.

Remus knows Sirius has no filter, that he just says whatever pops into his head at any given time, so he doesn’t think anything of it when Sirius whispers it in his ear on graduation day, or moans it as Remus kisses a path down his neck, or chokes it out around a mouthful of the eggs that Remus had waiting for him after a long night of keeping watch for Dumbledore. He just smiles beatifically and brushes it off and goes back to whatever he’s doing.

When Sirius is sent to Azkaban, it’s one of the little things that Remus misses the most. He misses Sirius’ loud, barking laugh, and the way he held him tight on the long cold nights just after the full moon finally began to wane, and how he asked him to marry him at least three times a day.

Finally, months after Peter escapes them yet again, and even more months after Sirius escaped Azkaban, and the two men finally get a moment alone together, it is the only thing on Remus’s mind. “So,” he says quietly, taking a step toward the dark haired man, both of them aged by many years, but still feeling like the nervous schoolboy he was when they shared their first kiss, their first “I love you”s, their first “marry me, Remmy.” “Does that marriage proposal still stand?” he asks.

Sirius’ gaunt, hollow face splits into the first real smile Remus has seen on it in years, since before Azkaban, and it’s the most beautiful thing he thinks he’s ever witnessed.

"Yeah," says Sirius, voice thick with years of unshed tears. "Yeah, if you’ll still have me."


where can I download a 6’2” and slightly tousled literature enthusiast 

Title: You Keep Showing Up
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Drowners - You Keep Showing Up (Digital Bonus Track)

"Just walk away and don’t even bother
to come back to me
Oh, I’m trying to be clear,
this thing wasn’t my idea”



anyone please ask your crush out like this

i just read your text post like: "sirius black would be a ke$ha fan" omg

well being a kesha stan kind of insinuates that he’s also a kesha fan so…….


The only show based off a movie that wasn’t just good but absolutely fantastic